Which Slot Game Suits your Personality?

Do you go all in on the first spin, hold back and pick your right moment, dabble casually with the slot game at www.easyslots.com, or try every casino game to make sure that you get the best deal?

Whichever you think you are, what everybody shares is the hunt for thrills and wins whether they be big or small. So, we are here to let you know what kind of online casino gamer you are and help you pick out the style of game that suits your personality so that you can have the best time igaming possible!

What are the Most Common Igaming Personality Types?

We have nailed down the four most common casino personalities so that you can see where you identify and to get you going on the games that will fill your pockets with riches:

  1. The Casual Spinner – Those who pull that leaver infrequently for the smaller wins are the more casual of players. They are there for the bright lights and glowing watermelons on a Sunday afternoon.
  2. The Selector – If you find yourself cruising across all the games, playing the free spins and finally selecting the perfect slot game, you my friend may be a selector.
  3. The Expert – The expert knows it is not about going all in or going too low for that matter. Maybe once they were a selector but now they have found their mojo and they are sticking with it. The expert knows the field and has been doing well in this game how to play the machines in their favour.
  4. The Big Fish – Finally, we meet our big fish, high roller, all-inner. Do you find yourself going for the high bet based on nothing but an inside urge? Well you may be the Big Fish eager to risk it all on online casino slots because you know best.

What Slot Games does your Personality Suit?

Slot games are good for any player, big or small, because of their easiness to pick up, simple instructions, reviews to back them up online, and did I mention… big wins?!

  • For the Casual Spinner and perhaps even the Expert, simple slot games with three rolls of paylines might just be enough for you. These games are undemanding and easier to follow and definitely do not hold back on spilling the dough. The expert will too know over time that sometimes you are better off holding your own and waiting for the right moment.
  • It goes without saying that the Selector is a maverick, testing the waters of all slot games to find the one that they feel confident in. Choose your game, find your mojo, and spin for your heart’s desires!
  • And for all you Big Fish out there looking to top that bank balance up to the multimillions, then you will want to be playing the higher-octane online casino slots. More rolls means more prizes, bonuses, and risk. All put together makes for a thrilling and mesmerising win journey!