Merchandise Evaluate – The Breg Polar Treatment 500 Chilly Therapy Unit Next Knee Surgery

Why do I would like a chilly therapy machine?

The two most popular Negative effects of the orthopedic injury or surgical procedure are agony and swelling. These circumstances affect the healing approach and may lead to extended rehabilitation moments. Chilly therapy is commonly recognized as considered one of the simplest procedure ways to battle these difficulties.

When compared to ice and gel packs that present intensive chilly around a little area & for a short stretch of time, demanding Repeated trips on the freezer, chilly therapy methods, including the Polar Care five hundred can produce a steady move of chilly therapy through circulation pads which can be precisely made for different entire body sections and applications.

The Polar Treatment 500 can produce chilly inside a comfortable temperature assortment which allows for longer-time period software according to your health galvanic machine practitioner’s prescribed remedy protocol.

The Breg Polar Care five hundred device features a low voltage submersible pump with in-line thermometer and circulation valve for temperature Command from 35-70 degrees. In the course of use, the pump is submerged while in the cooler and linked to a Polar Pad with self sealing couplings. A wall transformer offers energy towards the pump.

Easy-to-use temperature Manage gauge that permits for flexibility in modifying the temperature of the continuous Chilly Therapy pad in between 35° – 70°. The motor with the Polar Treatment five hundred has an marketplace-vast history for dependability. All aspects of the Polar Care five hundred program is often individually changed making it much more economical to switch a worn out portion.

At 11 quarts, the Polar Care five hundred has the most important capacity cooler of any one-client use, constant Cold Therapy unit out there and can offer 8 – eleven hours of continual chilly therapy.

Several extras are available for that Polar Treatment five hundred which enhances its use.

A “Y” adapter may be ordered that enable two extremities being treated simultaneously. A big variety of sterile and non-sterile pads can be obtained to fit most every single Portion of your body.

Polar Wraps can be wrapped about Every single with the Polar Pads, enabling patients to conveniently secure the pads towards the affected space without the need of working with extra wraps or bandages. The Polar Wraps also Handle pad condensation.

The Breg Polar Treatment five hundred features a one hundred eighty day guarantee.

It is extremely advised that you simply seek the advice of with all your managing medical doctor ahead of purchasing any cold therapy device. This unit ought to only be applied under immediate supervision of the accredited wellbeing care

Cryotherapy really should not be utilized by individuals with Diabetic issues, Raynaud’s or other vasospastic ailment, chilly hypersensitivity, or compromised regional circulation.