How We Already Have Three Multi-baggers In 2021

The past few weeks have demonstrated that we are in a stock market, not a stock market. The days of making easy money by following the herd are long gone. Hot momentum stocks have dropped by more than 30% in just a few weeks. Some may recover, but the vast majority will continue to generate very low returns given their inflated valuations.

To build wealth in the market in the future, it’s becoming increasingly important to look for undervalued investment ideas that have yet to be discovered by the market. This is our specialty at Insider Opportunities, as you can see from two of our member reviews above. While many are anticipating a difficult year in 2021, our members are doing well, with our exclusive NYSE NIO at Insider Outperformance Portfolio up 21.2 percent year to date. Here are two of our members who have achieved success:

Surprisingly, three of our exclusive stock recommendations for members have already reached multi-bagger territory (up more than 100%) this year!

Korn Ferry (KFY) (101.8 percent profits in 8 months): an employment consulting firm that took a beating during the Covid-crisis but has already reported record-high profits in the most recent quarter.

Chromadex (CDXC): the maker of the anti-aging pill TRU Niagen (up 130.3 percent in 4 months). It has published positive Covid-19 numbers and begun a collaboration with Walmart in recent weeks.

Zedge (ZDGE): the leading smartphone personalization app that has only recently begun to monetize its users (up 101.4 percent in two months). Last quarter, it reported staggering sales growth of 101.3 percent and operating margins of 48 percent.

How do we find these great investment ideas that the market has yet to notice? They all had one thing in common: they were heavily invested in by insiders and selected by our cutting-edge algorithms before they became so successful. CEOs, CFOs, and board members are examples of insiders. The firm knows their company better than anyone else because they work on the financial details 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If they mention that the stock market is significantly undervaluing their company, these insiders purchase shares to profit. Insider purchases (on average 850 per month) outperform the market significantly, according to empirical research. Following up on such insider purchases (which are reported to the SEC) can be extremely beneficial in staying one step ahead of the market. Our Insiders at Breakfast article follows up with them every day for members. But there’s more: we’ve created three cutting-edge algorithms that sort through all insider purchases to find the best value, growth, and biotech stocks. Over the last decade, the stocks chosen by these algorithms have outperformed the S& P 500 by more than threefold:

Korn Ferry, Chromadex, and Zedge are just three of the dozens of great stocks that our algorithms have identified.

Our algorithms have discovered eight more undervalued, undiscovered stocks for our members in the last month alone. We believe they will continue to generate strong returns in the future. That’s the power of our tried-and-true investment approach. For more stocks such as nasdaq fb, you can check at