CBD Essential Oil & Its Potent Benefits For Soothing Anxiety and Nerve Disorders

Essential oils are very popular when it comes to alleviating stress, boost your mood, reduce pain from migraines or headaches, improve your sleep, mitigate nausea, and even keep insects away. There are some essential oils that have potent antiseptic properties too.

CBD essential oiland its immense popularity in the market today

CBD essential oil is widely popular among users for its benefits for health. The full form of CBD is cannabidiol- this is a component that is present in the hemp plant. This is the same plant from where one can get milk from the hemp seed, which again is a delicious alternative to the milk from cows. Birdfeed and fabric are also sourced from the hemp seed.

Is it safe?

There is a common misconception that consuming CBD will make you get high. CBD can be inhaled for health reasons, but it will not make you high as it has no THC. Isolate, or pure CBD, lacks the THC component that influences the mind. THC is the chemical present in the marijuana plant. This means you can consume CBD without worrying about the mind-altering effects of THC at all.

What are its health benefits?

There is an increasing awareness about CBD oil, and people are discovering the potent benefits it has for health. Some of its health benefits are-

  • Relief against anxiety – CBD helps in the management of anxiety. There has been research in the field that displays that it can change the way the brain responds to serotonin, a chemical responsible for good mental health. Receptors are the very small proteins that are linked to the cell to obtain these chemical messages to help cells respond to diverse stimuli. Studies have been conducted on both animals and humans, where it has been discovered CBD can –


  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce the physiological effects caused by anxiety-like an increase in heart rates
  • Improve the symptoms of PTSD and
  • Promote sleep in people who suffer from insomnia


  • Help epilepsy – CBD has been in the news lately for being a possible cure for epilepsy. Though the research in the field is still in its preliminary stages, researchers are now examining how much CBD can reduce the occurrences of seizures in those suffering from this condition. They also need to check on how safe it is for prolonged use.


The American Epilepsy Society says that the research on cannabidiol offers great hope for people that suffer from disorders after an epileptic seizure, and further research is being conducted to understand its safe usage for the above health condition.


  • Protects the nerves – Researchers are looking at ways via which CBD can help a receptor in the brain known as CB1 for treating people suffering from neurodegenerative disorders. These are health disorders that cause the nerve and brain to deteriorate with time. They are studying the use of CBD oil for treating disorders like stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.

CBD essential oil can help people suffering from the above nerve disorders, and it has the ability to reduce inflammation in the body that makes these neurodegenerative diseases worse.