Burn More Calories with Bikram Yoga at Home

Bikram Yoga is highly popular when it comes to burning calories with yogic postures or asanas that infuse profuse sweating. Similar to hot yoga, you need to perform yoga postures in a heated environment, usually at a temperature of 105oF with an approximate humidity of 40% per session. The idea here is to replicate the warm climatic conditions of India. This type of hot yoga was devised by Bikram Choudhury around the early 1970s and ever since has become popular in the Western world and the USA. Generally, there are about 26 fixed yogic postures with two breathing exercises in sequence practiced in a class where mirrors and carpets surround the room.

Practice Bikram yoga at home

Most yoga studios in the USA teach Bikram Yoga to students. This type of hot yoga helps one burn a lot of calories in a single session. Since the practice is conducted in a heated environment, there is a lot of profuse sweating involved. Experts in the field say that before the session begins, you should drink water so that you stay hydrated.

You can practice Bikram yoga at home thanks to convenient yoga room like domes that can be purchased as per your room’s size and space. These eco-friendly domes are convenient for traveling as well. They can be inflated just to become used and create a warm temperature for you to start practicing your yoga postures and exercises. They are available in different sizes, and even the compact domes can comfortably accommodate a yoga mat. You can easily set the dome up in your spare room, basement, yard, etc.

Start your yoga practice and watch the calories melt away

For the heat, you can use a space heater with an extension cord. You can live stream yoga classes and even put on some soothing music for practice. The dome accommodates a stand for your phone, and you get the benefits of a yoga studio from the comforts of home.

Yoga and weight management

You will find Bikram Yoga has proved to be highly effective when it comes to battling weight loss. Men and women across the world have been able to knock off extra pounds with daily yoga sessions. Moreover, any sort of hot yoga helps you to boost cardiovascular health in a large way. It boosts your mental and physical fitness. It eases depression and stress. Moreover, it is a safe and holistic way to calm the mind, body, and soul.

Practicing Bikram Yoga at home will improve your skin and remove toxins from the body due to profuse sweating. It helps you to soothe tired muscles and energizes the senses. Moreover, practicing yoga at home with a dome helps you to enjoy similar experiences like a studio. With the current Pandemic still holding sway, it is prudent for you to stay at home and do your yoga practice. You will not fall prey to the threats of the coronavirus infection and get better peace of mind. In this way, you can manage your weight effectively and boost your overall mental and physical health with success!